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Harper, Owen: Personal Log - o_harper425_04
Harper, Owen: Personal Log


 God I wish alien would attack right now...or a cannibalistic cult would surface in Cardiff or cybermen would make another uprising, whatever gets me out of this hub.  You take those days of panic and probable danger for granted and when they're gone you have nothing but a shit load of paper work and no sudoku because the Nazi furor of coffee confiscated them.  I opened my desk drawer and where they usually are was a posted not that said "GET BACK TO WORK".  Cheeky bastard.  Maybe if I'm a good boy I'll get my books back at the end of the school year.

     It's been almost a week since Tommy went back to his time and things are finally starting to calm down again.  I have to admit I'm proud of Tosh, I know she's hurting but she's making a good show of pretending everything is ok.  I really was worried about her with the whole falling for Tommy thing.  I too have learned the shit lesson that dating people from another time tends to end in heartache.  Somebody should tell Ianto.....actually I think he knows.  Jack surprisingly gave Tosh the day off right after Tommy was sent back.  I'm sure it was great for her but it meant I had to do her work.  Gwen still isn't used to the computer systems and Ianto was SUPPOSSED to help but I think Jack had sucked his brains out through his cock the night before so he wasn't much use.  He'd do that thing where he'd start to type and would then slowly stop and end up staring off into space as if he just realized he had sex last night.  He gets this hilarious panicked look on his face, probably wondering if people can smell Jack on him (answer= yes).  

   A few nights ago everyone was having sex but me.  I could always take comfort in the fact that no matter how much I wasn't fucking, Tosh was fucking less.  Still, I helped watch shit so Tosh could have time with Tommy, I cleared out of the hub earlier than planned so that Ianto could have time with Jack, and I didn't bug Gwen so she could get back to sleeping with whoever she's shagging at the moment, probably not her husband-to-be.  What did I do?  I went home, had a beer and few shots of whisky, watched House, and fell asleep on my couch.  Yeah, I need to get layed immediately.

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