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Owen Harper: Log 7-11-07: my alien investigation - o_harper425_04
Owen Harper: Log 7-11-07: my alien investigation
    I decided to spend my night off last night in a pub with normal people and women who are less high maitenance.  Upon examining my surroundings I noticed two women at the bar who seemed suspicious.  If I were the kind of man who saw women as numbers I would call them both 10s.    They seemed human enough but my torchwood intuition told me something wasn't right.  Others on their night off might have just let it go, but not me.  I have a duty to the world to ensure the human races's safety from possible alien life.
   I thought it would be best to move in for a closer inspection and try to talk to them.  I informed them that I was a doctor and, like most women, they were intreged and we got to talking.  I managed to gather that they were sisters, born and raised in Cardiff (or so they claim), and they both worked at a clothing store.  Some people like....I don't know....Ianto, for instance, would have felt that simply interviewing them would be enough to decide that they were human but I am a doctor and I needed to examine these specimines further.  
   We went back to my lab (also known as my apartment) and went to work.  I spent 4 tireless hours examining every inch of them.  Every orifice was checked and explored.  The sisters were not only complaint, but I would even go so far as to say eager to help me with my research.  It took longer than expected but I'm happy with the results.  After a thurough examination I have come to the conclusion that Cassie and Amanda were human.  If I end up pregnant in a few days I'll know I was wrong.  If only those people I worked with knew the things I went through to uphold order and keep people safe.  I could run Torchwood if I wanted

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